Square Self Adhesive Pads 4x 5cm x 5cm


Electro sex is the pleasurable stimulation of your nerve endings and surrounding tissue using an electrical current. With over 20 years of experience, ElectraStim produces a wide range of powerboxes, toys and accessories to satisfy your every desire. Browse our range with confidence.

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Our best-selling square uni-polar Square Self-Adhesive ElectraPads are a staple of any electro-sex kit and are included with many of our stimulators. They’re incredibly easy to use and can be worn anywhere below your waist to intensify the sensations you feel during masturbation, foreplay, and sex.

Connect 2 pads to a single channel on your stimulator, peel off the backing, and press them against your body. The 2-inch-square surface of each pad conducts electro-stimulation to create erotic tingles and pulsations that enhance erotic sensations.

Try sharing electrosex with your partner when you both wear a pad on a single channel. Not only will you feel sensation through the pads, but you’ll also create tingles everywhere you and your lover touch.

A set of Uni-polar ElectraPads is an essential part of any electro-sex kit. Versatile in application and sensation, they can be worn anywhere below the waist to improve erotic and sadomasochistic sensations.

With power levels lowered, they work similarly to a waist toning belt, causing pleasurable tingles and muscle contractions in time with stimulation. Couples can share stimulation by wearing a pad each, allowing them to experience electro-stimulation everywhere they touch.

Turn the power up, and ElectraPads make an intense enhancement to BDSM sensory play, including flogging and spanking. Simply apply a pad to each buttock before a spanking, and your sub will feel an e-stim buzz alongside each hit. When used with our ElectraStim Flick, every stroke is transformed as stimulation responds to the ferocity of your swing.

You can wear ElectraPads anywhere below the waist, so they’re incredibly versatile and can be applied directly to the penis or labia for a sensual accentuation to masturbation, foreplay, oral sex, and sex.

Each ElectraPad can be worn up to 6 times by the same person, so make sure you keep the plastic backing to hand. If the adhesive starts to feel a little dry, simply add a drop of water to refresh it.


  • Size: 48mm x 48mm (2 x 2 inches)
  • Connection: 2mm
  • Weight: 33g
  • Materials: Fabric and self-adhesive conductive gel.
  • Number of Poles: 1 (unipolar) You will need to use 2 uni-polar electrodes (such as 2 pads) to complete the circuit. ElectraPads need to be plugged into an ElectraStim stimulator for sensation to be felt.


  • 4x Square Self-Adhesive ElectraPads
  • 1x Instruction Booklet (EN/FR/DE/NL/ES/IT)

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